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My Experience at the Italian Agile Days 2023

Hi 👋 and welcome to a new post! Today I’m writing a summary of my experience at the Italian Agile Days 2023. I already wrote about the 2022 edition here and, just like last time, I’m writing this summary 2 months after the event…but let’s not worry about this short delay. This year, the event was organised at the Politecnico di Milano campus. I graduated there about 4 years ago, so it was a great occasion to return there!
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2023: A Review

Hi 👋 and welcome to the last post of 2023! As already done last year, it’s time for a end-of-year recap! I usually spend the last days of the year eating and laying on the couch (christmas is strong in italy) so don’t expect a long post. Let’s begin! 2023 Goals Review First, a short check on the goals I wrote in my 2022 review: ❓Learn in public I definitely tried to expose myself a little more and share what I learned in public.
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My Experience at SoCraTes 2023

Hi! 👋 Welcome to a new post.

On October 19-21, I attended the SoCraTes (un)conference in Rimini. With over 90 people, we gathered to talk about software crafting, testing, and all related (and unrelated) stuff 😛.

The event was fantastic! I met a lot of new people, gained insights into my current and future learning, and had some interesting (and crazy) discussions (such as discovering the niche of custom keyboards and firmware 🤩)!!!

In this post, I’m going to give a brief summary of what an unconference is and the sessions I attended during the event.

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Book Summary: Indistractable

Hi 👋 welcome to a new post!

I’m starting to enjoy writing short summaries about books I read, so here’s a new one 😛

Indistractable is a book by Nir Eyal, a behavioural engineer who worked and studied the psychology of our attention and applied it to digital product and advertisements. In fact, his first book (”Hooked”) is about the design of habit-forming products (such as games, ads, apps and so on).

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Documentation-as-Code with Doxygen (Awesome)

Hi 👋 and welcome to a new post.

I recently had to improve the documentation for a project, and collected some ideas and tools along the way, so I’ll share here what I learned 😃.

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Working Software Conference 2023

Hi 👋 and welcome to a new post!

Last Friday I attended the 2023 Working Software Conference in Milan. The Working Software Conference is an event organised by the Italian Agile Movement, focused on the second principle of the agile manifesto:

Working software over comprehensive documentation