Hi there! I’m Marco and this is my personal website, where I’m going to put informations about me and what I do (and some blog posts when I’ll feel creative).

I started programming when I was 12 (just a tiny little bullied nerd in middle school) with the classic web stack known as LAMP (💡). High school and hobbies (guitar first, then photography) kicked in at 14 and I lost touch with web development (does VB.NET at high-school-level counts as programming?).

To reconnect with my long-lost friend the PC, I entered university (Politecnico di Milano) to study CS & Engineering. After getting my bachelor and master there, I now entered the workforce as a software engineer.


While in university, i ended up doing research at NECSTLab. I mostly worked on FPGA-based projects for High Performance Computing, using high level languages (e.g. C++). My master thesis research involved managing FPGA boards inside the cloud environment. The aim was to prove that FPGAs can be provided “as-a-service” and orchestrated in order to guarantee their 100% usage.

Right now, I’m working at e-Novia as Software Engineer. The company likes to call itself “The Enterprises Factory” as it participates in reasearch projects and gathers intellectual property to create and accelerate technology startups. We mainly works in three “sectors”: collaborative mobility, humanized machines and augmented humans (you can look at the list of startups on the company’s website). My role is to support the startups in creating their products and to help improving their (technological) processes using my software development skills.


I love programming and computers in general, as they allow to “create” without much effort and investment. Everyone can learn and create on the web, and currently also in the physical world (looking at you, 3D!), just by buying or even just renting a PC/laptop/raspberry/wathever!

Also, anyone can show their knowledge and opinions without restrictions in most of the world, and all this information is available to everyone with an internet connection.

That’s why I decided to learn programming and software engineering, and also why I’m opening a small window into my world (this website).

Hope you’ll enjoy it!