💪 Coding Challenges (github)

Coding Challenges is a set of challenges created by John Crickett. Each challenge consist of a small, real-world project that can be implemented in any language and at any time.

I love this initiative! I tend to not have any ideas of my own (or I think they are usually stupid and useless), and having a direction to follow and some examples to insipe me is great.

In the link above you can find the repository with all the solutions I came up with. As I am currently learning Rust in my spare time, most of the solutions are in Rust. I might use a different technology for others (e.g. web-based stuff?).


🎄 Advent Of Code Solutions (github)

Last year (2021) I tried solving some Advent of code challenges. It’s a fun way to write some code in the free time.

In 2021 I solved some challenges (up until day 18, then I went on vacation and completely forgot about it 😅) using python.

This time (2022) I’m solving them using Rust (Disclaimer: I’m learning it while solving the challeges, so it will be ugly!).

During university I did some toy projects and a bit of research projects, you can find them here