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Show your Work!

Hi 👋 and welcome to a new post! This blog is becoming more and more a journal and a collection of book summaries 😅 I promise I’ll write more about technical stuff soon. Today I’m going to give a small summary and comment of a book I recently read: “Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon . Austin is a “writes who draws”, and his books on creativity are all formatted in crazy ways (and with a really nice finish)!
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Book Summary: Indistractable

Hi 👋 welcome to a new post!

I’m starting to enjoy writing short summaries about books I read, so here’s a new one 😛

Indistractable is a book by Nir Eyal, a behavioural engineer who worked and studied the psychology of our attention and applied it to digital product and advertisements. In fact, his first book (”Hooked”) is about the design of habit-forming products (such as games, ads, apps and so on).

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Book Summary: A Philosophy of Software Design

Hi 👋  and welcome to a new post!

Today I’ll post a summary of a book I read at the beginning of 2023, titled “A Philosophy of Software Design”, by John Ousterhout. John is a professor at Stanford, where he teaches “Operating System Principles” and “Software Design Studio”.

In the book he distills a career worth of advice, taken from his personal experience and the issues and solutions emerged while teaching his software design course.

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2022: A Review

Hi 👋 and welcome to a new post! Like every blogger out there, it’s time to write a “2022 Wrap-Up”! In this (short) post, I’ll give a recap of what happened last year, and write down my goals for 2023. So, let’s start! Disclaimer: This recap is mostly written by me and for me. I don’t expect it to be a beautifully written and engaging piece for other people. It might get boring, you’ve been warned.