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Show your Work!

Hi 👋 and welcome to a new post! This blog is becoming more and more a journal and a collection of book summaries 😅 I promise I’ll write more about technical stuff soon. Today I’m going to give a small summary and comment of a book I recently read: “Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon . Austin is a “writes who draws”, and his books on creativity are all formatted in crazy ways (and with a really nice finish)!
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2023: A Review

Hi 👋 and welcome to the last post of 2023! As already done last year, it’s time for a end-of-year recap! I usually spend the last days of the year eating and laying on the couch (christmas is strong in italy) so don’t expect a long post. Let’s begin! 2023 Goals Review First, a short check on the goals I wrote in my 2022 review: ❓Learn in public I definitely tried to expose myself a little more and share what I learned in public.
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My Experience at SoCraTes 2023

Hi! 👋 Welcome to a new post.

On October 19-21, I attended the SoCraTes (un)conference in Rimini. With over 90 people, we gathered to talk about software crafting, testing, and all related (and unrelated) stuff 😛.

The event was fantastic! I met a lot of new people, gained insights into my current and future learning, and had some interesting (and crazy) discussions (such as discovering the niche of custom keyboards and firmware 🤩)!!!

In this post, I’m going to give a brief summary of what an unconference is and the sessions I attended during the event.