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My Experience at SoCraTes 2023

Hi! 👋 Welcome to a new post.

On October 19-21, I attended the SoCraTes (un)conference in Rimini. With over 90 people, we gathered to talk about software crafting, testing, and all related (and unrelated) stuff 😛.

The event was fantastic! I met a lot of new people, gained insights into my current and future learning, and had some interesting (and crazy) discussions (such as discovering the niche of custom keyboards and firmware 🤩)!!!

In this post, I’m going to give a brief summary of what an unconference is and the sessions I attended during the event.

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Documentation-as-Code with Doxygen (Awesome)

Hi 👋 and welcome to a new post.

I recently had to improve the documentation for a project, and collected some ideas and tools along the way, so I’ll share here what I learned 😃.

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The Power of Code Katas: Katurday @ XPUGBg

Hi 👋 welcome to a new post. Today, I’m going to describe my experiences at the “Katurday” sessions held by the XPUG Bergamo group. The events are called Katurday because we perform a kata on one Saturday morning every month. It’s a great way to code and learn with other people 😃. What is a kata? Typical developer performing a kata “Kata” is a term borrowed from martial arts. It refers to “a detailed choreographed pattern of movements made to be practiced alone, but can also be reviewed within groups and in unison when training” (Wikipedia).
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My Experience at FOSDEM 2023

Hi 👋 welcome to a new post. Today I just want to share some comments about my trip to FOSDEM 2023. This blog is starting to look like a travel blog for meetups and conferences 😅… I promise I’ll post some programming (practical and not) content soon. As I already said in my 2022 review, one of my goals for 2023 is to attend more conferences and participate more in communities.
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My Experience at the Italian Agile Days 2022: Talks and Reflections

Hi 👋 Today’s post is about my experience at the Italian Agile Days 2022, which I attended in October 2022. I know, it’s way too late to write this, but I still think that remembering the talks I watched will be useful for others 😃. The Italian Agile Days is a 2-day free conference held in a different city every year, in which people interested in agile practices (programmers and business people alike) gather to talk about agile and development practices.